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What is holi?

Holi is one of the most important festivals of the Hindus which also marks the arrival of spring. Holi is celebrated for two days and each day has its own significance.

Holika Dahan takes place on day one where wood and dung cakes are burned with parch green ears barley on the flames of Holi at night on a fixed hour.

The whole ritual is a symbolic representation of good defeating evil. Rangwali Holi is a celebration of good over evil which occurs on day two where people gather in public spaces and take part in singing, dancing, throwing coloring (gulal), sprinkling of color water on each other.

All barriers like caste, creed, position and language are forgotten and is celebrated with feeling of love and friendship. Holi is widely known as festival of color which is celebrated as a symbol of color, joy, love and triumph of good over evil.


Our Chef

Being born in the hub of the most colorful cuisine in the world, Manish Sharma was born in Chhattisgarh, India and during his career he has accumulated 4 years of culinary experience. Manish always had a great passion for cooking and during his early school days his passion began when making food in his own home.

He was first inspired by his mother who loved to cook, and her kitchen became a part of his foundational training for cultural food. Soon his family and friends started requesting recipes and from the growing demand he decided to make his hobby his career and pursue his passion as a chef so he could deliver his food not only to his close family but to a greater audience.

He enrolled himself in culinary art school and joined the school of Hotel in Kolkata where he completed his formal initiation to culinary degree and started working at an upscale restaurant in India. After moving to USA, Manish received offers to work for top-tier companies like Hilton and Marriott in continental cuisine. His heart has and was always in making authentic Indian cuisine and he continues to share the culture of India to allow others to delve into the delicious flavors of India and share his personal joy in cuisine

Manish Sharma